Where are the Grownups?

Where did they all go?

Where are the men who put integrity and humanity before dick pics?

Where are the women who put intelligence and dignity before vanity and the attendant fish lips and boob jobs?

Well, they are still around. I know lots of them, however they are my age…in their 60’s and above.

And, yes, my darling niece is a young woman of intelligence, dignity and more.

But, what about those role models? The Kardashian’s, The Trumps, etc…you know…the people who appear to be in charge. The wealthy morons that are getting paid huge amounts of money to convince young people, those who may not have staked out their path yet, that it’s okay to be childish, vain and greedy. That you can be hugely successful going down that path.

Thus the political climate we see today. I suppose a certain segment of the population needs a leader, needs a role model…to know how to act…how to be…what to like, buy, or hate.

And, there is big money behind that effort. Hillary Clinton has dignity and intelligence. Perhaps valued behind the scenes (if she wasn’t a woman). And if not intensely smeared for decades, would have and should have been President even before Obama. Was she not ready for “prime time”? Of course she was, but those in charge, those paying for campaigns and staffing them with spies, could not, would not have a woman, no matter how qualified, intelligent or competent, as President.

So, when the country is ripe for change, well, there needs to be a correction. The only change to occur is that dictated by Agenda 21 and the World Bank (Rothschilds). 5G, vaccinations, surveillance, restrictions and crypto currency.

And the more childish and ignorant the masses are, the more video games they can be enticed to play and get lost in…spend their days and nights in, the easier it is to make that correction.

Video games are now the biggest part of the media economy, a large part of time usage, a large part of violence inducing culture. And the projected growth is staggering.

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