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Am I Bad?

I try to make it a habit when I wake up in the morning to feel gratitude and joy for another day on this planet.

This morning I contemplated what it means to say…I am not bad. What is bad? What makes ME bad or good? Because I pick up litter, pet dogs, say good morning to other people with a smile? Because I don’t lie or steal? I thought about how much I WANT to be good. How much I WANT other people to think that I am good. How much I want to believe that I am special and good.

And then it occurred to me…the secret of the universe. The secret that those in power have been hiding and implementing all of my life and likely for all of eternity. The secret that the Pharaohs kept. The secret locked in the Vatican archives. The secret kept in all secret societies. The secret shared in private men’s clubs. The secrets privy to CEO’s, Priests, Popes, Masons, Skull & Bones, Tavistock, et. al. Maybe it’s not a secret to anyone but me?

The secret is how easy it is to convince us to fear others.

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