Standing up for Women

I knew I was a feminist before I was ten years old.

I SAW and felt the discrimination

I SAW the ridiculous portrayal of women in the films of the 50s and 60s. And then the 70s with the movies producing heavily sexualized (while still a little tasteful) women willing to strip down, oh so modestly, but nakedly heaving, in front of their fully clothed lover. While in the real world, nearly every girl or woman I knew, was body shamed by the exploitive Playboy culture of perfect female bodies. Very few from my generation were thrilled to be seen naked unless it was in the dark…and under the covers. Even with our young and firm bodies, we still could not live up to the Barbie doll standards and Cosmopolitan magazine models.

I saw the constant DRUDGERY, in my own home, and others, where women NEVER got to sit down because they always had to be taking care of or cleaning up after everone else, usually the husband.

I saw the violence and anger directed at meek, disempowered wives and women, for NO reason.

I saw the LOVE bestowed on men via magazine covers, newscasts, sports idols, etc, etc. WOMEN were NEVER on the news, weren’t newscasters or on RESPECTABLE magazine covers

I saw the exploitative titty magazines, with no commensurate dick magazines.

So don’t tell me that feminism was created by the CIA, or Communists. Feminism was created in the hearts of women throughout the millenia. But those women were repeatedly silenced and dismissed…even jailed or burned at the stake.

Feminism was re-ignited as the baby boomer generation reacted to the injustices of the world; racism, sexism, war. These were all of the issues that we fought for and protested for. And while women were always fighting for the injustices of the world, where were the men fighting for them? Standing up for them? So very few.

However, all of those movements, feminism, race, anti-war, etc., all of the injustice protests, WERE infiltrated by the CIA, etc., to disrupt and divide. And you are on their side if you do not support women.

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